Saturday, April 6, 2013

Finally I got it

after a year may be.. I wish that I can get that "thing" and you know what?
this year bring the most happiness for me because what I want I have 
got it..
Surely you are curious want to know what "thing" that I really
want....ada ke orang yang nak tahu?
never mind you just see it..I'm sure it also have in your wishlist 
this year..

yeayyyyyy!!! I'm really really happy at that time.. I can't believed that..
Are you jelous right now??? please be jelous okay?
cruel mood

Thank you so much my love... I love you more and more and more...
I know and you also know if I can't have this phone I will change my phone
every sem or year may be like I change cloths.hikhik

so there is no more reason to change phone..
Hopefully laa...


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